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Our Team

Trevon Cheatem, CEO


“I came to Connecticut in 2000 after being raised in New Jersey by my older sister. I was an unstoppable triathlete at Bloomfield high, excelling in track, football, and basketball. Along with being an all-state and all-conference athlete, I spent many years as an assistant coach for the Hartford Wildcats. My purpose in life is helping others and changing lives. Fitness has always been a large part of my life. The dream of Getin Getfit stemmed from my passion coaching youth football as well as training others. Getin Getfit was created to be the home of our youth athletes in Connecticut for training all year round. Getin Getfit was officially started in May 2017 and has been a force ever since. As an entrepreneur, my visions for Getin Getfit surpass that of any gym in the country. We are all Getin Getfit and as CEO of the business, it is my mission to make sure the world knows who we are and what we stand for. “

Dr. Leigh-Ann Jaggon, President, PT


“Growing up, I knew that my passion for athletics and helping others would shape my future career and the person I am today. I earned my doctorate in physical therapy from American International College in 2018. My passion for physical therapy came after tearing my ACL in high school. Since recovering from two knee surgeries, I pushed myself to become a D1 and international soccer player. My journey with Getin Getfit began shortly after its creation in 2017 in which I was challenged to reach a fitness level that surpassed that of my soccer days. With Getin Getfit, I lost over 20lbs, ran countless road races, and have achieved athletic feats I didn’t think were possible. As president and fitness coach, it is my pleasure to reinvest the time and effort to see this business grow into a world wide movement.”

Coach Jill


”All my life I have been physically active. I participated in track and field, soccer and football throughout my high school career. I continued being active after high school and pursued my certification in personal training. Over the span of 12 years, I have gained experience training all walks of life as well as coached multiple sports such as track and field, golf, lacrosse, and soccer. I also gained invaluable experience interning and working at the University of Hartford as a strength and conditioning coach. I graduated from CCSU with a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Human Performance. As a Getin Getfit coach, my goal is to use my experience and knowledge to help bring out the competitve inner athelte in all our clients to help them reach their goals."

Coach Nate


"My fitness journey began with high school football, where I discovered a passion for pushing myself mentally and physically. That same mind-frame has made me a Hartford Firefighter, and brought me to my greatest love: the sport of boxing. After training with professional boxers and coaches competitively since 2014, and learning under strength and conditioning coaches specializing in combat sports, I’m ready to share my love and knowledge to help people change their lives. As a Getin Getfit coach, my goal is to help everyone reach their potential by showing them what training like a fighter is really about."

Coach Nini


"My name is Dioneysia also known as Coach Nini. Growing up, I have always been involved in sports and fitness such as cheerleading, gymnastics, yoga, track and field and some basketball. I have coached people of a variety of ages and a wide range of experiences. I avidly encourage individuals to become active members in society, improving their overall health and wellness. My mission is to help people overcome any limitations, leading to a more prosperous and fulfilling lifestyle. When I’m not in the gym, you can find me sewing, sketching or somewhere laughing and living my best life."

Coach Le Le


"My name is Le Le. I have been an athlete all my life and played collegiate Basketball in Vermont. I am a OCB pro bikini competitor since November 2018 and a sponsored athlete for Powercore Strength. I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As a Getin Getfit trainer, my goal is to help my clients integrate the mind, body, and spirit. Health and wellness cannot be achieved if we are lacking in any one of those areas."

Coach Ziggy


“Football has always been my strong suit. After years of playing for Windsor High, I took my talents to multiple flag football leagues as well as semi pro. Along with taking care of my family, I’ve always felt a responsibility to help others reach their fitness goals. Getin Getfit has always been my home and as a Getin Getfit trainer, it’s my job to change the lives of everyone I come in contact with.”

Coach O’Dale


“I learned early on that good things never came from comfort zones. Challenging myself and pushing boundaries turned into a lifestyle and I realized that the opportunities were endless. I am an 11 year veteran and a correctional officer. I grew up in Windsor, CT and played football all throughout high school. I have 4 years of experience training adults but #GETINGETFIT is the game changer. As a trainer for Getin Getfit, I will do my best to help everyone acquire their best life.”

Coach Celina


"My passion for fitness began with my love of dance as a competitive dancer throughout high school. In 2012, I combined my love for dance & fitness and became a Zumba Instructor. I taught classes to my peers in our university’s gym and joined their hip hop dance team. I also trained my teammates before practices. I began coaching my friends in the gym and online while prepping for my 1st NPC show while in college. After completing graduate school I noticed that there were strong relationships between mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. I am excited to help people transform their bodies by helping them also transform their minds. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?"

Coach Mel


"My name is Melanie and I am a certified nutrition coach. I have always been athletic from playing volleyball and softball in high school to dancing in college. I have a spirit for encouraging a fitness lifestyle and consistently practicing a positive healthy mindset. My goal as a coach for Getin Getfit is to influence others through health and fitness to feel empowered in achieving new limits for themselves."

Coach Kmac


“Fitness has always been a very important and big part of my life. From an early age I realized how beneficial exercise was to me personally, physically and mentally. From participating in college basketball to getting a Bachelors of Science in Physical and Health Education my passion has only continued to evolve. Pushing myself and defeating challenges I never thought I could accomplish over and over again is what motivates me and keeps me constantly wanting to improve. I am currently a firefighter for the city of Hartford. My goal as a coach for Getin Getfit is to help you reach the goals you never thought you could imagine reaching by breaking through mental and physical barriers while improving each and every day, no matter how small the achievement.”